If your child suddenly develops a dramatic red rash, you may, understandably, become concerned.  One issue that you might be dealing with is Fifth Disease.  Certainly, to get a confirmation of this, or to find out exactly what else your child might have, you should consult with your pediatrician or with a dermatologist like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger of New York.

Fifth Disease is a common childhood disease, along with scarlet fever, measles, rubella and roseola. It’s actually quite a mild disease that usually shows up in preschool and school-age children.  If you’ve had the virus already, then you are immune to it and don’t have to worry about getting it again.

Interestingly, about 20% of children and adults who get Fifth Disease will show no symptoms.  For those who do show symptoms, they will often run a slight fever for about a week before the rash presents and will appear to be coming down with a cold.  When the rash appears, it will look like your child’s cheeks have been slapped and the rash may also be on the trunk, hands and feet.