Specializing in dermatology, Dr. Lawrence Jaeger of Larchmont, New York, treats patients with ailments associated with the skin, hair and nails. Through his clinics in the greater New York area Dr. Jaeger is able to diagnose and treat a large variety of skin illnesses, from as mild as acne to as serious as melanoma.

Lawrence Jaeger is also known for his role in helping other medical professionals navigate the skyrocketing costs of the healthcare provider landscape. Operating a successful Healthcare business in New York inspired him to help other medical professionals by imparting his proven management techniques. Through his dedication to serving patients and assisting other medical providers with his business expertise, Larry Jaeger has grown Prestige Health into the largest private practice management company in New York.

As a successful medical practice owner he has first hand experience balancing rising provider costs with the necessity of maintaining prices that patients can afford and that insurance companies are willing to cover. In 2002 Lawrence Jaeger formed Prestige Healthcare Management Group, a medical management company that provides medical professionals and health care providers the business management tools and expertise needed for business success.

Lawrence Jaeger has grown Prestige Healthcare Management Group into the largest specialty private practice management company in New York City. Core to the enterprise’s success is owning and operating healthcare related real estate investments throughout the Metropolitan area. Being vested in this vertical creates an advantageous environment for attracting new business from within the community of healthcare practitioners who are more likely to partner with a firm that has as many years managing medical practices as negotiating medical real estate acquisitions.
Larry Jaeger has a unique approach to multi center private healthcare marketing strategies. Relying on a foundational approach commencing with demographic research and business model analysis it encompasses management of finance and accounting, payroll services, human resources, investor relations and legal support. Prestige Health’s adherence to comprehensive medical compliance policies for billing ensures clients that their corporate integrity remains intact.