A halo mole is a mole with a white ring, or halo, around it. Halo moles are not uncommon and are usually seen in children or young adults of either sex. For reasons that are unknown, the body selects a particular mole or moles for destruction. This is presumably because the mole is recognized as… Read More

Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a chronic skin that causes areas of red, itchy skin. This condition usually starts in early childhood, especially when there is a family history of atopy (asthma, hay fever, conjunctivitis, or food allergies). The skin fails to hold in moisture, becomes dry, then inflamed, itchy and often infected. Various combinations… Read More

Allergens in the air and in the food are often triggers for a flare-up of this disorder. If you can furnish a list on how your disease gets activated, the doctor may try to correlate this with a skin (prick or intradermal) or blood (RAST) test. Don’t try to avoid everything that might be considered… Read More

Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis (DSAP) is an uncommon skin condition that leads to reddish brown scaly spots. The spots are mostly seem on the arms and legs, but sometimes will show up on other sun-damaged skin. It is due to an abnormal sun sensitivity leading to pre-cancerous skin cells. It is not a serious condition.… Read More

Dermatosis papulosa nigra is a condition in which small dark bumps develop on the face. These first appear during teen years, slowly becoming more pronounced as one ages. This is fairly common in blacks, present in about one third of adults. Occasionally this may also appear on white and oriental skin.   The individual lesions… Read More

Lawrence Jaeger is an experienced New York Dermatologist who treats patients with serious and potentially life threatening skin disease and disorders at Advanced Dermatology Associates in New York City. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia was once considered a rare inherited disorder with severe manifestations. Mild congenital adrenal hyperplasia, however, is common, affecting up to 1% of all… Read More

Doctor Lawrence Jaeger is an expert dermatologist in New York and provides Chemical Peel treatment for patients at Advanced Dermatology Associates. Lawrence Jaeger provides three main types of peels. Light peels are most commonly performed using alpha-hydroxy acids. These are naturally occurring acids found in fruits and other foods. Alpha-hydroxy acids have proven to be… Read More

Doctor Lawrence Jaeger is a highly respected Dermatologist in New York. As the owner and Founder of Advanced Dermatology Associates he has treated thousands of patients suffering form a wide variety of skin disorders. As people age, it’s only natural that they should develop more wrinkles and facial lines.  Facial movement lines, often called laugh… Read More

Doctor Lawrence Jaeger understands newborns’ parents concerns and has provided exceptional skin care treatments for infants suffering from dry skin. New parents tend to worry a great deal about every little thing with their precious little one.  One area that makes moms and dads worry a lot is dry skin.  Most babies do have some… Read More

Lawrence Jaeger is a Board Certified Dermatologist practicing in New York. With over twenty-five years of experience treating patients with Psoriasis he is considered an expert in this field. A recent study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that “adalimumab is consistently efficacious in the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis… Read More