The Education for Employment Foundation (EFE) was founded on the idea that young people with more satisfying jobs can build a better future for themselves.  This, in turn, helps to create a more secure and peaceful society.

Doctor lawrence Jaeger is proud to support this global employment initiative

Operating in the Middle East and North Africa, they are transforming lives of youth by giving them the tools with which to find work and to create productive livelihoods.  They design tailor-made training programs to give young people the tools to find and keep specific jobs.  Certainly, with the help of people like Dr. Lawrence Jaeger, the Education for Employment Foundation is able to pursue its goals and help youth to move forward.

Education For Employment’s (EFE) mission is to create economic opportunity for unemployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) by providing world-class professional and technical training that leads directly to jobs and entrepreneurship support.

The EFE Network is comprised of locally-run affiliates in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Yemen, and a presence in the Gulf, and support organizations in the USA, Europe and the UAE that support the regional affiliates.

Young people need the opportunity to develop the skills that employers seek.  They also need to believe that they can add significant value to the companies they work for, and the confidence brought by hands-on learning and on-the-job training.

We help young women and men by providing the training they need to secure a job and by creating ongoing opportunities for young women and men to develop their professional skills, build social capital, and engage in their communities.  Through partnerships with the private sector and educational institutions and regional reach, we are also working to enhance how educational institutions prepare youth for the workforce, and to change attitudes of educators, youth and employers.